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Manny Diaz offers up a few gems

When it comes to offering up gems to the media, a few of the coaches whos names come to mind are Mike Leach, Mike Gundy, and Lane Kiffin.

Reporters that cover Texas football would add defensive coordinator Manny Diaz to that elite list.

In their press conference on Monday, Diaz dropped a few lines that were definitely noteworthy.

For example, when asked about Steve Edmond, a 255 pound sophomore making his first start at linebacker, Diaz said, "The first thing I want to see Steve do is be where he’s supposed to be. Everybody’s waiting for the moment where he, like, eats the quarterback’s head or whatever.”

When one reporter asked about "hybrid" type players, Diaz responded, "I think that’s a cool word, you know what I mean? I get told by recruits, ‘Hey, I’m a hybrid.’ I’m like, ‘Do I plug you in at night and get better gas mileage?’ … It’s all about speed. When someone says you’re a hybrid, that just means you’re fast for your size.”

And maybe the best of the group, when a reporter, who was obviously following the same line of questions asked before about the team, asked "So are you a lot faster this year?" 

Diaz responded simply..."Me personally? I’m the same.”