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Manny Diaz: Our offense has TE's coming out of helicopters and secret holes in the ground

Texas defensive coordinator Manny Diaz believes the Longhorns’ defense will benefit greatly from going against the numerous formations, shifts, and motions that the Texas offense incorporates.

The multiple formations make it difficult to even get lined up as a defense.

Diaz explained, “The first thing you have to do on defense is get lined up.With our offense, tight ends are coming out of helicopters and coming out of secret holes in the ground, so you’re constantly just struggling to even give yourself a chance before the play begins.

“But that makes us better because what we are trying to sell to our players is that going against them every day in practice, when we get in a game and they are just standing there, our kids are going to be like, ‘Coach, what are they doing?’ We just get to line up and play. That’s what you want. You want the games to hopefully physically easier, but for sure want them to be mentally easier. I think that’s the advantage of going against our offense.”

After the first couple of practices, Diaz loves the sense of confidence on defense.

“What you can see on our team is confidence. It’s been hot outside and our players haven’t blinked. They haven’t complained about a thing. That comes with confidence. When you have confidence in your conditioning level and confidence in your strength level, you start to realize you can accomplish some things you were sure you could do before. And that’s been a tribute to our strength staff and what they did this summer.”

When asked if a true freshman could play at defensive tackle, Diaz responded, “Yeah, no doubt. We are an equal opportunity employer. We will play the best players.”