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Manny Diaz playing some young guys

Coach Diaz's unit held Rice to 3 field goals on Saturday as Texas beat the Owls 34-9. 

Texas played 10 freshmen on defense. Coach Diaz described the play of the freshmen:

You know what was really neat, they went out there after our own turnover, and that's a situation we really strive we take a lot of pride in, sudden change, go put the fire out if something like that happens. They went out there, and Rice called a play that's designed to score a touchdown. They ran the tailback on the “wheel” and they wanted to score a touchdown on that play, and I think we had an entire freshmen secondary in the game and freshman at linebacker, and they covered everybody up and made him go to his third option which the guy ended up dropping. When you see guys do that type of thing, the freshmen got a three and out on one of the drives they were in, it's encouraging.

Diaz's unit gets another test this Saturday night when BYU comes to town.