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Manny Diaz talks reality

Mississippi State defensive coordinator / linebackers coach Manny Diaz says, “You can’t be a great defense in a casual manor.”

“I’d love to sit there and golf clap and give them all orange slices after every play, but the reality is, that’s not what makes a great defense.”

In other Mississippi State news, AD Scott Stricklin talked with Mike Herndon of the Press-Register about head coach Dan Mullen: "Dan is an incredibly talented coach and I think it's pretty obvious he knows his way around the chalkboard and the Xs and Os of it. And it's fairly obvious given our success in the time he's been here on the recruiting trail that he does a great job interacting and relating with young people. The two things I think really set him apart are, one, his intelligence -- he's just an incredibly bright individual -- and two, he has a great ability to sell and market ... and I think a lot of that comes from the natural charisma he has.He's kind of given us a new spark of life ... and we just look forward to a lot of success in the years ahead because he's going to win a lot of games."