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Manny Diaz: Whether it's Cam Newton or CM Newton, rushing the passer is the same

Mississippi State defensive coordinator Manny Diaz is looking for more negative yardage plays from the Bulldogs’ defense.

Regarding the 17-14 loss to Auburn, Diaz says, "If we make negative plays, we win the football game. That's how the whole thing has been built. We have not established that identity yet and I'm eager for that to occur."

"A fundamental is a fundamental," Diaz said. "A great player or a great athlete will expose a lack of fundamentals. How you rush the passer, whether you're playing Cam Newton or playing C.M. Newton, is the same."

The Bulldogs travel to Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge for a 9:00 pm EST kick-off on Saturday night.

"They're (LSU) trying to do what wins and that's what we're trying to do, too. That's why field position is critical. That's why getting negative plays and those type of things are of the utmost importance for us."