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Mario Cristobal gets a huge win

In case you didn't get a chance to see it live, Coach Cristobal's excitement after they beat Louisville last night was fantastic. We're trying to get some video and will update this post if we get our hands on it.

This was the first win over an opponent from a BCS conference in the history of the program and Cristobal let it show on the field. He was jumping on the backs of other coaches, high fiving everyone, just truly enjoying the moment (Cristobal was high fiving some fans so hard we are positive some are still feeling that this morning).

One local reporter noticed that he went out of his way to high five the parents of T.Y. Hilton (WR who had 201 yards receiving and 2 long touchdowns...keep an eye on this guy).

Post game, Cristobal had the following to say:

It's huge. It's huge for us. Since the day you get there you preach about building a championship program and people look at you like a three-eyed monster. We've just been pecking away; every coach, every player, every administrator, everyone in the program. We got to this point where we win a conference championship, win our first game. Now we're 2-0 against a conference opponent and now a BCS program in their own backyard. Louisville is a team that recruits against us and I hope the eyes are open real wide after what went on here tonight.