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Mark Dantonio has four goals in mind for each Michigan State player

Mike Griffith of provided a great look Monday on how Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio builds his program through recruiting as the latest in a four-part series taking stock of the Spartans' program.

To say Dantonio takes a business-like approach to recruiting wouldn't be an analogy. It's literally how he does it; Dantonio looks at each Spartan as an investment. 

"I talk to our players every day, whether a recruit or already in the program, inevitably, I'll say `you are an investment, and we're going to help our investment grow,''' Dantonio said.

Dantonio asks each recruit to give him a personal mission statement, and if his goals match that of his program's (shown below), then that player becomes a serious candidate to play for Michigan State. 

I Lifelong relationship with players, coaches staff and team

II Graduate all players with a meaningful degree from MSU and launch their career, become self sufficient men

III Win…success! Bowl games/Big Ten championship, BCS game, Rose Bowl, or national championships

IV Positive impact on our university, alumni, community, state, NCAA football world, the entire world and prepare to be self-sufficient men and responsible citizens

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