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Mark Emmert makes how much exactly?

In 2011, Mark Emmert was paid nearly $1.7 million to run the NCAA into the ground.

According to USA Today, the NCAA's 2011 tax return states Emmert was paid $1.2 million in base salary, $234,300 in retirement, $214,947 in other compensation and $23,689 in nontaxable benefits. (Due to the complexity of the NCAA's filing as a non-profit, the turnaround process is significantly delayed. Hence, why Emmert's 2011 salary is the most recent available.)

Emmert's $1.7 million salary is nearly double that of his predecessor, Myles Brand, who banked $1.145 million in his last year on the job. In fact, Emmert's top lieutentant, chief operating officer Jim Isch, nearly matched Brand's salary at $977,531 in 2011.

Emmert made $870,000 in his final year as the president of the University of Washington.

Were he a football coach, Emmert's $1,674,095 salary would have ranked 51st among his peers in 2012, just behind Kentucky's Joker Phillips ($1.79 million) and ahead of Navy's Ken Niumatalolo ($1.605 million). Isch made more than 52 FBS head coaches, just ahead of Purdue's Danny Hope ($970,000) and behind Boston College's Frank Spaziani ($1.094 million).