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Mark Richt wants in-state "Dream Team" to become Bulldogs

Mark Richt was definitely looking forward to his radio show on Monday night. 

Coming off a 42-34 win against Georgia Tech, Richt made it clear he loves Georgia, will remain at Georgia, and wants his in-state “Dream Team” to join him.

Richt stated, “I’m definitely going to do more than hang with Georgia. Georgia is going to thrive, and Georgia is going to have a tremendous future ahead of us. And I’m excited to be here.”

“When you talk about in-state kids, that’s why I’ve been talking about this Georgia ‘Dream Team’, this team of guys that I think are the best players in the state of Georgia. And I believe if they will stay in the state and come together, we can prove to the United States of America that we have the best football in the country [in] the state of Georgia. We need those Georgia kids to stay at home and do that thing for the Bulldogs, and I think everybody is going to get excited about that.”

Georgia will likely play UCF in the Liberty Bowl.