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Marrone, Dantonio, Harbaugh, and Ruffin share thoughts

At 7-3, Syracuse coach Doug Marrone says, “I’m doing what I was brought here to do” : "The sense is that I’m happy for the players, the seniors, people in the community, the faculty, and the alumni. I try to tell people all the time that I’m really just doing my job, I don’t look at it as being extraordinary. I’m doing what I was brought here to do. To see people excited about the program and happy, I’m excited about that for them. I’m even more so excited for the players because it is more than just a football game what we play."

Mark Dantonio compares Michigan State to 2002 Ohio State team: "I always try to say that we will evaluate things at the end of the season and look at the full body of work. But the one thing I will say is we came off a 7-5 record at Ohio State in 2001. Our players had great chemistry the next year. I remember Mike Doss telling me he was coming back and wasn't leaving for the NFL because he wanted to win a championship. I remember Greg Jones telling me exactly the same thing this year when I was down in his home in Cincinnati, that he was coming back because he wanted to win a championship. So there is a parallel there, and I also think there is a parallel in the fact we are winning close games like that team did. Coming down to the end, our players are making plays at the end of games. And that's exactly what happened at Ohio State."

Jim Harbaugh compliments Cal and defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast: "No question, they dominated Oregon. They played lights-out on defense. Coach Pendergast has done a terrific job on defense. They're fast, physical and play smart. That's coach Pendergast's mantra. Tremendous football team, especially at home. That's the challenge we have going to their place."

Ruffin McNeil compliments special teams coordinator Clay McGuire: "Clay McGuire and the coaches who work with Clay have done a great job. Those guys generally go unnoticed until something tough happens, but Clay has done good job taking over in a very adverse situation. I knew he would. He’s the most versatile coach on the staff." 

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