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Marrone excited about Syracuse defensive line coach Jimmy Brumbaugh

Syracuse head coach hired former LA Tech defensive line coach Jimmy Brumbaugh during the off-season.

Marrone explained to The Post-Standard, "He’s a cutting-edge guy when it comes to the defensive line. I’ve always admired Pete Jenkins and his work. So I called Pete and said this is what I’m looking for, and he said I’ve got the perfect guy for you."

"I remember him as a player. He was a hard worker, from my standpoint an overachiever. I think there are a lot of things when you go back and start looking that say, hey, this guy has a chance to be one of the great defensive line coaches."

Brumbaugh, a former standout players at Auburn University, said of Marrone, "You see his vision of where he wants this program to go. He’s an o-line guy, I’m a d-line guy and I see what he does and I wanted to be that kind of guy, you know what I mean? I like his discipline, I like what he stands for. He’s a family guy and he’s a hard-working guy. And when you have all those qualities it makes you a good person."

About his philosophy, Brumbaugh stated, "I would run through a wall for my d-line coach because I believed in him and I knew he was going to help me. When you can instill that in players, they’ll do anything for you."

Syracuse opens with four consecutive non-conference game. The Orange will play at Akron, at Washington, Maine, and Colgate.