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Matt Limegrover shares a lesson learned

Big Ten Network's Tom Dienhart sat down with Minnesota offensive coordinator Matt Limegrover to talk about last season's struggles and the off season progress recently, and Limegrover took the opportunity to reflect on a lesson learned. What he has to say is something that all coordinators should take to heart.

After finishing at the bottom of the conference pack last season in total offense, and scoring offense, Limegrover looks back and realizes that they tried to do too much, and didn't approach year one at Minnesota quite right.

"We had done some good things as a staff two seasons ago at Northern Illinois and liked the direction our offense was heading. I think the mistake we made last year was we tried to continue on in that same trajectory, almost like year four at Northern Illinois instead of year one at Minnesota."

"I think we were doing some things that we hadn't laid the foundation that we needed to. So, we scaled back about half way through the season...or a little later...and learned what our kids did and didn't do well. With that in mind, we went a little different direction and we laid down a foundation."

That new foundation will have some time to take shape early on in the non conference schedule for the Golden Gophers this coming season. They open up at UNLV (2-10 last season), then have the next two games at home against FCS New Hampshire (8-4 last season) and Western Michigan (7-6 last year) before traveling to Syracuse (5-7 last season).