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Maturi shows up for "grill session" from Twin Cities reporter

Minnesota AD Joel Maturi set out with an initial goal of “making a Tubby Smith type hire.”

Following the hiring of Jerry Kill yesterday, Maturi sat down with Pioneer Press reporter Bob Sansevere for a Q&A or “absolute grill session.” You decide. Sansevere is not upset at all with the hiring of Jerry Kill, but you can tell he is puzzled by the 51 day process of Maturi's coaching search.

Maturi, who isn’t the most popular person amongst Gopher fans, explained, “What I wanted, obviously, was somebody who had the integrity of a Tubby Smith and the values of a Tubby Smith and hopefully who creates the success of a Tubby Smith. I'm confident Jerry Kill can do that.”

“Well, I guess what I'm trying to tell you is, I knew we weren't going to get a BCS head coach. Now, I'd like to get a splash like that. Let's be honest about it. I'm not trying to downgrade Minnesota. The intention was to get somebody people can accept, people will feel good about, and hopefully will be successful and revered as much as Tubby Smith. It's words that I wish I would have taken back, quite frankly.”

“Again, I'm not trying to discredit us or whatever it is, but how many BCS head coaches would leave there to come here? If you could give me a couple, I'm willing to listen to you, especially successful ones.”

Interestingly, Maturi admits offering the job to Barry Alvarez.