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McElwain has interesting quotes at Bama media day

Alabama offensive coordinator Jim McElwain doesn’t get many chances to speak with the media (Saban's policy), but today McElwain gave some great insight during UA media day.

Quoting Jim McElwain: “I think one of the things we have done here as a staff is we’ve ripped egos out. There aren’t any. We’re in it together. We all are in the trenches together; we’re in the staff meetings together. The guys really try to cover each others’ back when things aren’t going well and that is something in staff cohesiveness that I think is really kind of a lost art sometimes. There are a lot of guys in this profession that are kind of out for themselves and not quite out for the team.”

(on why Alabama rarely fumbles the football) “I would say that the turnover part has more to do with what our defense does in a daily practice to try to create turnovers, and it forces us to maybe, because of their intensity and how they approach the turnover game, it actually helps us in practice. I think that has been a big thing for us offensively, because going against our guys and Coach Saban’s and Kirby (Smart’s) defense on a daily basis actually helps our guys understand ball security a little bit.”

“This is going to be one of those years where our guys really need to make a new identity for ourselves. One of the things that we’re really stressing with our offensive unit is that all the things we did last year, that’s last year and this year’s team is 0-0. The creation of what we need to do as a team and development through competition and through some attrition at some spots, we really need some guys to step up and do a good job for us.”

Here is the entire transcript from UA media day.