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McElwain helping to develop a mental edge

Every team in the country hits the weight room hard in the off season, but only a handful of teams are taking training to the next level in the off season.

Jim McElwain invited a mental training coach from IMG Academies to come on campus over the summer to help the Rams develop a mental edge.

According to, IMG came in and put every Colorado State player through a 16 class curriculum that focused on "self reflection, teaching the young men accountability, social acceptance, character building and leadership." Colorado State was one of only six schools (Alabama, LSU, Oregon, Washington, Florida State) in the country to do that type of training.

McElwain talked about the mindset of the Rams and changing the culture during a press conference yesterday, which reinforced the importance of mental training.

“Anytime it's been a while since you've had success, you think, 'is it me?' Changing a mindset, changing a culture of thought, is something I think is very important.”

“What you do on a daily basis, and how you think, it only carries over into everything you do. It's habits that you do every single day.” McElwain explained.