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McElwain looks to student body to add bigs

First year head coach Colorado State head coach Jim McElwain has been concerned about the lack of big bodies on the field so far, so yesterday he issued a challenge to many of the big bodied students on campus that "would relish the opportunity to put the pads on again and give it an opportunity to see what they could do."

Offensive line coach Derek Frazier echoed McElwains message, saying "There's always a chance that there's a diamond in the rough that comes to the top, and you get a chance to find a guy that really do some things for you."

McElwain listed the need to be efficient in what they are doing in practice for the new big bodies. "Using our time successfully and wisely and able to get the proper amount of reps we need to in order to perform at a championship level. Right now, our numbers in our big guys are such that it doesn't allow you to practice the way you need to practice" he explained.

When spring practice begins on March 21, the staff hopes to have three lines of five players a peice.