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Memphis coaches selling 'weapons' and 'million-dollar baby'

And the sales job of the month goes to………Memphis head coach Larry Porter.

Not often do we bring you recruiting related news, but we like to humor you when we can, so we thought we’d catch you up on the reasons why Melrose HS (Memphis, TN) quarterback Will Gross verbally committed to Memphis this week.

According to Scout, Gross is a 4-star prospect and the #14 overall quarterback in the country. He claims a number of big offers and his three reasons for committing are pretty funny.

Here’s what Gross told the Commercial Appeal.

Will Gross quote #1:“I just love the city of Memphis. I’m going to be the million-dollar baby who can bring the community and Memphis State together.”

We like the “million-dollar baby” phrase. We also like the fact that the University of Memphis hasn’t been called Memphis State in over a decade.

Will Gross quote #2: “Everyone kept going, ‘the SEC is where it is. Or North Carolina.’ But my heart was in Memphis.”

Fair enough.

Will Gross quote #3: “(The program) is changing. They have so many weapons. I think I’m capable of using all the weapons they have.”

Is he talking about the overabundance of weapons that helped Memphis finish 119th in scoring offense last season and 117th in total offense? 

For that reason, our sales job of the month goes to Larry Porter.

Speaking of Porter, here's a nine minute video interview with the Memphis head coach. He talks about how he has grown as a head coach in the last year and the future of the Memphis program.