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Meyer: We're as thorough as anybody

Urban Meyer has spent the past couple weeks holding one on one meetings with each of the 90 players on the Buckeyes roster. The meetings last about 15 minutes each, and are aimed at giving the players an honest evaluation from every possible angle.

Before the meeting, Meyer compiles written feedback from each member of his staff that the players come in contact with. That includes his assistant coaches, the strength staff, and the academic staff.

“The young man sits across from me and I say, ‘Here’s what we need: Our strength coach thinks you’re a dog.’ Or, ‘Our strength coach thinks you do a great job. Now let’s go to academics. They grade you as a six out of 10, which means you’re failing right now. It’s not very good’ opposed to, ‘Zach Boren, you’re a nine, just keep going. C.J. Barnett, you’re a 9.5, keep going.’”

Meyer is a firm beleiver in the meetings because he wants to keep his guys properly informed and avoid any possible misunderstandings. Sometimes those meetings are very uncomfortable, while other times they know exactly what to expect.

“I’ve always believed the worst thing that can happen between a coach and a player is some misunderstanding or some cloudiness about what’s going on, you try to eliminate that with different evaluations. We’re probably as thorough as anybody with that.”