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Mic'd up at Texas Tech with running backs coach Mike Jinks

With a 43-4 record over the past three seasons as a high school head coach at Steele HS, Mike Jinks joined Kliff Kingsbury's staff at Texas Tech back in January.

Take a look at this clip and you can see Jinks is having a blast, and you get a sense for why he was so successful at the high school level, and why he has a bright future ahead of him at Texas Tech.

"Everyone is invested and everyone is moving in the same direction. All I know is what I've been a part of the past three months, and I can't see it being any better than this, anywhere." Jinks says in the clip

Coach Jinks added that special things are about to happen in Lubbock and the fun he's having is "off the charts". The video with offensive line coach Lee Hays best illustrates the fun the staff is having.