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Mic'd up with Wazzu outside receivers coach Dennis Simmons

Washington State receivers coach Dennis Simmons worked with Mike Leach for ten seasons at Texas Tech, helping to coach up some of the most prolific passing attacks in college football.

With production from guys like Michael Crabtree on his resume, bringing Simmons on board at Washington State was a no brainer for Leach. Last season his unit didn't disappoint, racking up the second most receiving yards in school history and they ranked 9th nationally in passing yards per game. Simmons managed all this with four of the Cougar's top five receivers as underclassmen...including three freshman.

Simmons has also coached the outside receivers at East Carolina, and also served as Leach's chief of staff prior to his on the field promotion. It's safe to say that the Air Raid system is in his blood.

In this mic'd up session with Coach Simmons, filmed during the tail end of spring ball, you'll get treated to some quality coaching points and gain some insight into why Simmons is such an instrumental member of Leach's staff.