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Michigan State program gets ultimate stamp of approval at NFL Combine

Last week I heard a coach say "your philosophy is what you think you are. Your identity is how others perceive you," and reflecting back on it, that couldn't be more true. The ultimate stamp of approval is when that identity not only leads to wins, but is also used to describe your players at the NFL combine.

Mark Dantonio has spent the past seven seasons crafting a physical offensive and defensive identity at Michigan State. That has led to a Big Ten title, a Rose Bowl win, and top three ranking this past season, and while NFL experts gave Michigan State the "Good Housekeeping seal of approval" last year at the combine, the Spartans that participated in this years combine are an even hotter commodity.

Hear from NFL experts like Bill Polian (former NFL GM), Jim Miller (NFL analyst), and Charles Davis (NFL Network analyst) on what makes Michigan State players so valued at the next level, and how playing in a system under Dantonio and his staff prepare kids for the NFL. 

You know this is being shown to recruits with NFL aspirations...