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Michigan strength coach Aaron Wellman may overtake Derek Dooley

Michigan head strength coach Aaron Wellman has been with Brady Hoke for eight years. The two coaches are on the same page and believe toughness has to be a major component of the program.

So what is your philosophy, Coach Wellman?

“It’s a loaded question because that’s a 5-hour answer. My philosophy is a couple of things. Number one is you have to have a program based on accountability. It’s gotta promote discipline and mental & physical toughness.”

“We want to build a program that is orthopedically sound. In other words, we don’t want to cause injury in the weight room or provide exercise that promotes injury in the fall when they get on the field.”

Wellman, who may overtake Derek Dooley for the coach that most clearly replicates the body language and mannerisms of Nick Saban (evident by this video, especially in the third minute), says the strength program will evolve as the team evolves.

“We have to bring energy as a staff,” said Wellman. “When I hired these guys, I said look ‘First couple of years, you have to lay down your life for these kids and this university. It’s about these kids. It’s not about us.’”

“It’s easy for us to work with 2 or 3 big groups a day. It’s easy for us, but that’s not what’s best for the kids. If I bring 50 guys in here, then I’m just watching over, making sure things are flowing, I’m not coaching kids. What’s best for the kids is 6 (smaller) groups a day.”

“Here’s who is gonna love this program…guys who are tough and competitive.”