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Michigan vs. WMU called in the 3rd Qtr

Don't see this very often; but Saturday's game between Michigan and Western Michigan at the Big House was called final with 1:27 left to play in the 3rd quarter. 

Actually, we understand that this is the first weather shortened game in Michigan's 132 year history of playing football.

The weather was truly horrible and the lightning just did not appear to be breaking. Both schools agreed, after an hour + of lightning (the second lightning delay of the game), to call the game final with Michigan winning 34-10.

Michigan AD Dave Brandon said, "If it was a closer game that was into the fourth quarter, I think we would've waited it out." 

Brady Hoke said, "Bill (Cubit) and myself both had a concern how long we'd be stopped, how much we'd be stopped...we both were concerned about the kids...and it didn't look like this was going to get any better...but as long as those kids are healthy and no one got needlessly hurt..."