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Mickey Marotti: "It's all about effort"

Urban Meyer's "most important hire", strength coach Mickey Marotti sat down with ESPN to talk about the off season strength program.

The Buckeye strength staff are firm believers that effort has nothing to do with ability. "It has nothing to do with talent, it has nothing to do with genetics, it has nothing to do with how many stars you have next to your name, whether you're a five-star or a four-star or a three-star, all of that doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if you're a scholarship player, a walk-on player, a kicker, a starting linebacker. It's all about effort."

Marotti talked about how they specifically motivate players, including the use of lavender shirts for guys that aren't performing well. "We like to let everybody know who isn't working as hard as they need to work. And it works. Because the next time, they won't have it on."

The strength staff also charts everything from competitive wins in the weight room, to loafs and particularly good lifts. "Everything's charted where everybody can see. We push the accountability aspect, and here's the deal and if you're not doing well, why aren't you doing well? All those things motivate you. Putting them in competitive situations motivates them as well."