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Bellotti explains what sets Chip Kelly apart from other coaches

It only took Mike Bellotti a short period of time to realize that his new offensive coordinator hire, Chip Kelly, was going to made a solid head coach someday. 

Bellotti noted in a recent interview on 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia that Kelly's attention to detail, his knack for communicating with players and coaches and his ability to recruit, along with his creativity and understanding of both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball stood out to him while Kelly served as one of his assistant coaches.

"Chip is a great football coach and he will be successful at any level because football is football. It doesn’t matter if you coach the high school level, the college level or the NFL level." Bellotti explained.

"I know people are going to laugh when I say that, but the reality is it’s just coaching ball and it’s really about the Xs and Os and then it is about the people you get. The number of people in the stands don’t affect the game itself."

Then Bellotti gave some insight as to what set Kelly apart from other coaches.

"Chip’s schemes and thought processes on how he is going to attack a defense, who he is going to put on the field and how he is going to make sure they’re successful is what separates him from the average coach.”

With that said, it will be interesting to see what Kelly and his staff come up with, and how they utilize a talented NFL roster up in Philadelphia next season.