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Mike Gundy reacts to 48 possible uniform combinations

Oklahoma State has forty-eight possible uniforms combinations. Yes, that’s forty-eight.

Head coach Mike Gundy says he is a traditionalist, but he does like the new uniforms.

Gundy said, “I do (like them). I think it’s the right thing to do. It’s big for Nike to pick Oklahoma State for the new uniforms. Our players are really excited about it.”

With so many options, Gundy joked the program is looking for a uniform coordinator.

“When you have 48 combinations, that is a lot for a guy like me. There will be some thought that has to go into it. We have a lot of uniforms the players are excited about in the dark colors, but we have to be a little bit cautious about wearing them in the heat. There will be more thought that goes into it than we originally wanted, but it will be a really neat setup once it gets up a running.”