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Mike Gundy rockin Bieber's "Baby" as his ringtone

As you probably saw on Quick Hits earlier today, Justin Bieber’s iPhone ringtone is set to Mike Gundy’s “I’m a man. I’m 40” speech. For those of you coaches that aren't familiar with Bieber, he's the 16 year-old Canadian POP-R&B artist that has stormed the music industry.

Bieber explained why the Gundy ringtone.

Today, during a press conference to introduce three new assistant coaches, Mike Gundy returned the favor. In the middle of the presser, Gundy’s cell phone went off to the ringtone of Bieber’s “Baby ft. Ludacris.”

Gundy went on to say he’d like Bieber to buy a suite and perform a concert in Boone Pickens Stadium. Here's the short clip of Gundy style humor: