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Mike Leach: Best team I had coming back in 10 years. They are loaded.

With Mike Leach joining the CBS College Sports team as a game-analyst, writer Richard Deitsch asked Leach what will happen when he has to share his opinion on Texas Tech.

Leach responded, “I'll just answer it. I recruited all those players and it's a good team. I felt like it was the best team I had coming back in 10 years. I think they are loaded at more positions than we had been in the past but in fairness to those guys that I did recruit, they don't need to be overly-scrutinized by me. I need to move on and so do they.”

So what’s next for Leach?

“I've always felt like I'll go back to coaching. This offseason I had a lot of different experiences and [did] a variety of things. I even went to France for two weeks and consulted with an American football team over there. The variety of things this summer has been fulfilling. I would like to be coaching in the right situation if it's a team effort and doesn't have a bunch of mini-agendas. I want something where the school wants to win and values graduation and everybody wants to work together. I certainly have my eye on something like that.”

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