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Mike Leach creates a Top 9 list


Mike Leach seems down on the state of college football at the current moment, so he went to the keyboard on Monday.

Leach, who many believed was portrayed in an unfair manner by the media, used twitter to share his thoughts.

@Coach_Leach wrote, “Football is a world of overreacting to a number of things.”

Here’s the list that followed:

1) Notion that everybody cheats.
2) The main individual at fault is always the HC
3) Oversigning.
4) All athletes are broke.
5) Media's role as arbitrator.
6) Players don't know the difference between right & wrong.
7) The notion Coaches search for ways to cheat.
8) The notion administrators are blind to everything.
9) Notion boosters easily controlled.

Leach is currently living in Key West, Florida (perhaps in the house below). He co-hosts the College Football Playbook on Sirius/XM hosted with Jack Arute. The show airs from 12 - 3 pm EST on channel 91. Tune in, today. Should be a good one.