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Mike Leach held an online chat, and the results were predictable

The Seattle Times had the good fortune of hosting Washington State head coach Mike Leach for an online chat on Friday afternoon. Outside of the typical football questions (he's excited about how the team finished 2012, and he wants to see improvement from the offensive line this spring), the chat wandered off the sports page in typical Leach fashion. 

Here were the best results:

Hamburglar: Do you believe in karma? If so, why?

Leach: Yes. It's hard to define karma. Anything positive that exists in life usually comes from some level of positive energy, and that generally comes from hard work and good people. I think belief enters into that also, sort of like momentum.

Mike E: Which of the players on this year's team would be the best pirate?

Leach: The ones that run and hit the best.

Cougjones33: Hey coach what books have you been reading lately? Any recommendations?

Leach: I'm reading Barry Alvarez' biography, and S---- My Dad Says. But also, I'm working on a book on Geronimo with Buddy Levy, a professor at Washington State who stars on History Decoded.

Joey: If you had a time machine...where would you go first?

Leach: That's a pretty good one. I could list places all day. I'd start with the Garden of Eden. 

Jasona5: In honor of Presidents' Day...Who is your favorite president?

Leach: Washington's almost superhuman, when you consider his body of work and sticking to things when he really didn't have much support, and then turning down the opportunity to be king of this country, because he had a broader vision than that. Typically, I've always said Abraham Lincoln, and in the modern day, Ronald Reagan. We haven't had a president that's performed as well as he has since.

Read the full chat for yourself here