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Mike Leach operating the crane

Anytime we get video of Leach operating heavy equipment, it's going on the site. Deal with it.

Short video below from WSU in which Leach, AD Bill Moos and several others sign their names on "the last beam" just before it was set in place (thankfully Leach wasn't actually operating the crane when placing it). Good view of the overall progress on the project as well. Anyone else think the guy waiving the flag on top of that final beam up in the wind is insane? 

We didn't get to make it to Pullman on our recent Pac-12 tour as the staff was on Spring Break; but there will be a trip up there soon enough, and yes we will come back with video of Leach operating something...don't know if it will be heavy equipment or not; but we're quite certain you will want to see it. Stay tuned.