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Mike Leach: We would win national championships

Props to Gary Ferman of for reaching out to Mike Leach. 

We doubt that Ferman had to ask much, but it’s certain Leach had a lot to say regarding the head coaching job at Miami (FL). 

Leach said, "I've tried. I've tried making calls. I've tried sending emails."

"We would win national championships.”

"Miami has great athletes. Miami has always been personified by wide-open offense. They aren't about double right and power right and power left. Miami is about the stuff that I run that revolutionized football. You can get all the skill players in Florida and get them the football and let them run.”

"If you look at the guys on NFL rosters, in the Big 12 Texas has 32, Oklahoma has 29, Nebraska has 28 and Texas Tech has nine. Yet we won 29 games in the last three years. Now you imagine what we could do at a place like Miami."

Here’s the entire interview.