Mike Riley: It's almost turning into AAU basketball

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Oregon State head coach Mike Riley is not interested in dealing with a “middle man” during the recruiting process.

Riley told The Oregonian, “It’s almost turning into something like AAU basketball.’’

In recent weeks, certain recruiting service companies have come under question for the exact services they are truly providing to colleges.

One college assistant told FootballScoop, “There is one school out there that is paying a guy about $10,000. It’s supposed to be for video of prospects, but in reality it’s for that guy being responsible for bringing 5-6 top prospects in his area across country to summer camp. The money pays for the trip expenses and registration for the prospects. The guy keeps the rest and may send a few videos.”

Mike Riley told The Oregonian, “For the most part, our interaction has been through high school coaches, counselors, teachers, the kid, and his family. That’s been it. But there is a growing concern out there about other entities entering the picture, and it’s not healthy.’’

Perhaps the most subscibed to service by college coaches is The Coach Tracker database, which is sent monthly to over 110 college coaching staffs. The Coach Tracker includes the cell number & email address of nearly every high school head football coach in the country. The database is updated daily by the FootballScoop Staff. We can assure you that there is no "middle man."