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Mike Sherman ready to turn up the heat on Aggies

Coming off a 9-4 year including a six-game winning streak within the Big 12 Conference, Mike Sherman says the Aggies have grown up.

Going into his 4th year, Sheman says, “This year will be a real test for us to prove that we've taken that step, a team that's built its foundation and can have success above and beyond what we had last year.”

Sherman admits his coaching style will change a little with this year’s team.

He explained, “You have to understand the psyche of each team and play to that. When we had all those freshmen playing a couple of years ago, my coaching style was a little different than it will be this year. You had to kind of coddle them a little bit and bring them along.”

“This team is a lot more resilient and can handle things better. You bear down harder on a team that has the maturity to handle criticism when things go poorly. It was evident this spring. You notch it up.”

Texas A&M opens with three consecutive home games against SMU, Idaho, and Oklahoma State.

Clearly, offensive line coach Jim Turner isn't coddling anyone. See Coach Turner mic'd up during spring ball, right here.