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Mike Sherman: We wanted to run 100 plays

Texas A&M head coach Mike Sherman met with the media on Monday to recap the Aggies 48-7 win over Stephen F. Austin.

Interestingly, Sherman said, “The key component in this game is that we wanted to run 100 plays.” Amazingly, the Aggies finished with 99 offensive snaps.

Sherman was pleased overall, except for the kicking situation, noting a missed field goal and kick-off out of bounds.

Asked if he would go as far as considering an open tryout, Sherman responded, “If someone is on campus that can do that, we will do that. We’re not locked into anything or anybody. Our players know you better practice well, prepare well, and play well.”

(on the running game) “I don’t think we always hit the hole that was there. Overall, I though the offensive line did a good job. It’s very important that we run the ball effectively. I think we had 1 minus-yard play in the run game.” 

“The deep passes, we missed on. We need to correct that, and connect on those. A lot of our ineffectiveness in the red zone was that I was a little too hard-headed on what I wanted to do down there.”

Sherman, who visited troops in Iraq this summer, said he has invited some of friends from the trip to attend the game. Saturday's game against LA Tech falls on September 11th. Kick-off is set 7 pm EST.