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Diaz: Missed tackles separate dominant defenses from average ones

Following Texas' 66-31 win over Ole Miss one area that really needed to be addressed, according to defensive coordinator Manny Diaz, was their missed tackles.

Diaz and the staff counted up 11 missed tackles against the Rebels. Two of those missed tackles provided enough extra yardage to account for a quarter of Ole Miss' total offensive yardage.

“When you tell players two missed tackles gave them a quarter of their offense, it gets their attention."

To address the issue, Diaz had a cut up put together of all of their missed tackles through their first three games and staged a showing for the defense.

Each missed tackle provided a unique learning experience aimed at illustrating the fine line between a dominant defensive performance and an average defensive performance. The difference comes down to missed tackles.

"But if you start freaking them out, then they start believing something that’s not real. What’s real? What’s real is my angle. What’s real is leverage. I put my faith back in leverage and in tackling as a team.”

"There's a lot of really really good stuff on our tape right now and if we can just do a couple things to fix the things that we don’t really like than we can really put together the type of game that we think we are capable of. And it’s not very far away from us so I think the guys are excited about the corrections they made." Diaz noted.