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Mizzou advertising in SEC country


Missouri has started to advertise their new look and conference affiliation in SEC country this week.

In all 16 billboards have been put up saying "Proud to be SEC: Mizzou", with half of them being placed outside the state. Three have been placed in Georgia (two in Atlanta and one in Valdosta), and one each in Tampa, Dallas, Birmingham, Jacksonville, and Memphis.

“It’s to market Missouri. We’ll be in Georgia recruiting. We’ve got great respect for the high school football in Georgia, especially in the Atlanta area. We’re just marketing our brand name a little bit. We’re going to get there and actively recruit … and we’re excited about it.” head coach Gary Pinkel stated.

As Pinkel explained, the placement of the signs was no accident. “We’ve done a complete analysis of players that sign with BCS schools out of Georgia, and certainly out of the Atlanta area, The size and production of SEC and BCS is parallel to the Metroplex area in Dallas. The numbers out of Atlanta and Dallas are nearly identical. Both have great high school football."

Down at Mizzou, there's no shortage of things to sell recruits on, as Pinkel points out to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

“The facts are, in the last six years, we’re eighth in the BCS with winning in the nation. Those are facts. We’re certainly one of six teams that have won eight or more games in the last seven years. So we win at Missouri, and we consistently win. Over the last six years, we’ve graduated 96-percent of our players. Missouri is a great place and it’s a great college town with 33,000 students. Kids love to go to school here. We’ve got a lot to sell.”