Mobile messaging for your team

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As a high school coach, there are hundreds of times throughout the year when it would be great to have an easy, mobile based way to email or text your team, their parents or coaches.

The examples are easy... it's early June and you want to remind the Freshmen and Sophomores about lifting tomorrow morning...or it's gameday and you want to remind the team that you are leaving at 2pm so get to the locker room no later than 1:30...or you want to remind the parents of an important meeting later tonight... etc... 

 Sure there are ways to do some of this with email or painful mass texting from your phone, or using phone trees, or ... well, yeah I guess there are some ways you could do a lot of this; but there really aren't any efficient mobile platforms designed to do all of this with ease like AthletiCloud. 

If you're tired of "No I didn't see the tweet" and "C'mon coach, I don't check my email" and really just want to make your life easier, this is a great solution for you. For only $99 / year (which includes the messaging feature, mobile attendance, team manager, "emergency", task manager, team banker, etc...) this is just too good not to use. 

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