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Monday afternoon Coaches Quick Hits

Mike Gundy talks about Oklahoma State’s issues: “We need to limit penalties and do a better job of taking care of the ball. Defensively we have to defend the pass down the field better and tackle better in space.”

“They’ve got a ways to go but I like the way this team practices. I like the way they work together. Over the last few years you’ve heard me mention the team is close and they care about each other a lot. It takes time to be able to say that.”

Cutcliffe wanted Alabama game on campus at Duke: “(Neutral site) would have been short-term thinking. I think if we are going to change the culture of our program, there was no way I was interested in playing Alabama anywhere this year but Wallace Wade Stadium.”

“We will have the defending national champion here. I have had a great rival relationship with Nick Saban, a great respect for what he’s done. Boy, we had tremendous games when I was at Ole Miss and he was at LSU.”

Quoting West Virginia OC Jeff Mullen: "(Offensive line coach) Dave Johnson did a nice job of adjusting some chip protections to help the young right tackle out there, which helped us. Whenever you win, you play good enough."

West Virginia plays says Marshall DL called out cadence: "They were calling out a cadence during the game. We don’t play like that. That’s just dumb. The refs did nothing about it. I think if they wouldn’t be yelling, ‘Go,’ a lot of those penalties wouldn’t have happened."

Larry Porter looking for Liberty Bowl sellout vs. MTSU: "We're looking to challenge this city to sell out the Liberty Bowl this weekend."

Les Miles talks quarterbacks: "Our quarterback play, we have to get better. I think everybody knows that. I think Jordan Jefferson has run this team and can run this team."

"[Lee] is a very strong consideration, but first ... I want to see if we can get Jordan on track. I enjoy him and I enjoy his leadership."

"We just want him to play, have some fun, smile. Maybe do some things that he's more comfortable at, maybe simplify the game plan. ... We know he can run the team, we know he has leadership ability."

"I think we just need to let [Jefferson] play."

Bob Toledo talks about loss to Ole Miss: "It stabs you a little bit in the heart. It hurt a little bit, but the kids didn't get down. The talk on the sideline was phenomenal. The talk in the locker room prior to us coaches getting in there was phenomenal. These kids, their attitude is completely different then every other year since I've been here. And that hurt, that was a big blow, but they didn't give into it."

“I talk to (offensive coordinator) Dan (Dodd) about this all the time, and I talk to the quarterback about this all the time. When you get man coverage you can't shuffle up in the pocket. You have got to throw the ball. If he plants and he throws the curl, we've maybe completed. Instead he shuffles forward and it's knocked down. He shuffles forward and he gets sacked. He's got to realize that pressure is coming, he's got man blitz, he's got man coverage. Those guys are going to break on the ball fast. We got to pull the trigger and get rid of the ball quicker. You can't be shuffling and moving your feet when guys are dogging you."