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Monday morning Coaches Quick Hits

Some interesting quotes from around the country:

Bob Stoops won’t coach forever: "To work for President Boren and Joe Castiglione, and their great leadership and support, is not something I take for granted. So you don't know from time to time what life brings you, what your situation is and what you feel for your family."

"I told (Spurrier) this summer that there is no way I'll be coaching when I'm 65. And he said, 'Yeah, I said that too when I was 50.'

Quoting Western Michigan DC Dave Cohen: “Coach Cubit’s the most organized guy I’ve been around,” Cohen says, when asked about the short duration of the initial staff meeting. “He’s everything I wasn’t as a head coach.”

“I think three things. No. 1, they have to know you care. If they don’t, it’s never going to work. No. 2, they have to understand that you’re here to get them better. And No. 3, it’s going to be our way, that it’s not going to be their way. But I think you can’t get to No. 3 if you don’t get to No. 1 first.”

Nevada head coach Chris Ault talks about defense: "The most important thing we're doing defensively as a staff is that we're erasing a lot of gray areas," Ault said. "There was so much gray area the past two years that the players didn't know right from wrong. That's got to be erased."

Frank Beamer talks about AP Poll: “I was a little bit surprised we were picked that high. When you lose six guys on defense ... I think we saw some of the effects of that out there (in the scrimmage). Some plays popped on us. We lose two kickers (from last season). That's a big, big part of your football team. I think we've got good players, but how quickly we get to a level we need to be playing at, that's the question right now."

Quoting Illinois defensive coordinator Vic Koenning: “I’m not ticked off. I just think we have to continue to improve. I’m trying to do my best to be a positive influence. You sure can coach a guy hard if you tell him you love him. I’ll tell you what I’ve told probably 20 guys in the last three hours that I love them. We’re going to coach them with love. We’re going to coach them hard.”

Quoting Oregon State head coach Mike Riley: "We have some areas we have to get better in. We still have some personnel issues, so we're not even close to saying we're a Top 25 team at this time and we've got a lot to prove before we end up that way.''

Quoting Tennessee wide receivers coach Charlie Baggett: "At some point in time I think that (UT freshman) Da'Rick Rogers, because he was so highly touted in high school, or Justin Hunter, should come out here and perform like Randy Moss.”

Quoting Marshall offensive line coach Bill Legg: "I think the difference is expectations. When I was here in '01 and '02, Bob and Jim (Donnan, Pruett's predecessor) had this thing rolling, and there was the expectation when you walked onto the field, you were going to win.”

"It didn't matter who you were playing against, and those expectations saturated the entire Marshall community, from alumni to fans to students to athletes. Now, it's what I'd call a hunger to win. Not that it's been terrible, but it hasn't been what it was, so the hunger is where it is, and the saturation is still there with a different attitude.”

"We have to get it back from where it's a hunger to win to where everyone's expecting to win again." 

Paul Johnson not concerned with polls: “They don’t know. They haven’t seen the teams play. That’s why you don’t ever know. To me, if you really wanted a better indication of the poll you’d wait until you play four weeks and then you’d have it. A lot of it is on returning players. It’s like our football team. We lost some guys who were really good players. Some guys think we’ll be OK without them, other guys don’t. So we’ll play the games and find out. Nobody knows who is going to be right until you play the games.”

Quoting Boise State head coach Chris Petersen: “The style of our offense is it’s very game-plan specific. We get a lot of people dialed into exactly what they need to do. That’s what’s going to happen here in the next couple weeks.”

North Texas DC Gary DeLoach mic'd up: