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Monday morning Coaches Quick Hits

No smiling this week for Brian Kelly: "I know we're going to play hard, but that's not good enough anymore. So you showed me that you're going to play hard, that you're going to fight. That's a great dynamic to have on a football team. But that's not the end-all.”

"What we have to do this week is we have to win a football game, and that means, quite frankly, that we've got to execute better. We've got to line up in the right position and we've got to be assignment-correct. That happens on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and we're going to make sure that that gets coached hard during the week."

"There won't be any smiling faces around here until we get a win."

Syracuse head coach Doug Marrone takes the blame for foolish calls at Washington: “I made some bad calls. I made the toss-reverse in the red zone. We wound up kicking a field goal, making it 10-0. I could’ve just kept doing what we were doing, and it could’ve been 14-0. … I was just trying to be aggressive. That’s my nature when it comes to offense.”

“I made a poor decision early on. We had vertical routes in the end zone. I thought we could score a touchdown and get some momentum going in with the lead. And they ruled it a fumble. And we lost the time. And we could’ve kicked a field goal. So that’s my fault.”

Quoting Penn State quarterbacks coach Jay Paterno: "Teachable moments, I hate that term."

Bo Pelini not pleased with his team following win over Idaho: “That wasn’t to our standard. I told them – I’m pretty honest with our group – defensively I wasn’t happy last week (against Western Kentucky) and offensively they just got a good you-know-what chewing. They know we have high standards around this place.”

“It was pretty obvious. We were careless with the ball and we were undisciplined and made too many penalties.”

Quoting Colorado State head coach Steve Fairchild: "There's a lot we have to correct. We didn't tackle very well. There's a lot of things we can do better. But they're close. I like our leadership. I told the team I think we're going to be a very good team. . . . Right now it's just about staying positive. We have a game Saturday (at Miami of Ohio). It's winnable."

Doc Holliday talks about overtime loss to WVU: "I was never on a high because the game was never over. I knew that. It's a 60-minute game. Unfortunately we didn't play all 60 minutes."

Les Miles talks quarterback situation: "We're going to continue to evaluate our quarterback situation, and frankly, we're going to expect more out of the position, period. I think Jefferson definitely can, and we're going to encourage Lee."

Texas Tech DC James Willis says New Mexico changed: “We made some adjustments. Early in the season, a lot of times you don’t have enough stuff on film to really get a good bead on a team. They came out and did a lot of things that were totally off from what they did last year — the first game also.”

“We kind of had to adjust as the game went on, and I think our kids on the sideline did a great job of adjusting. That’s what shows the maturity of a team.”