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Monday morning Coaches Quick Hits

Mark Richt talks about his team: “It’s always discouraging to lose any game, so we’re not happy about the won-loss record right now. When you do the job we do and you coach and you teach and you give your guys assignments and you give them things they’re trying to get better at, and you watch the film and you see guys improve, that’s what I’m talking about.”

“I don’t want to throw out anything that would sound like dirty laundry or anything on these kids. The [blame] was spread out across the board. It wasn’t just one culprit.”

Jim Harbaugh pumped about Stanford defense: "I thought our guys did a great job of tackling in space, knocking people back, being in the right gaps and getting turnovers again. This is a defense that's really coming together."

Les Miles praises defense: "Some of those turnovers were spectacular. When they threw that ball, our guys were on it. The defense played well all game."

"Don't pretend for a minute that this team doesn't light up in this stadium. Walking to that stadium through the crowd really drew out the emotion of this team. We took the field, and I can tell you every one of our players in uniform was proud to be in that stadium."

Kevin Sumlin loses QB Case Keenum to torn ACL, also loses backup: "It’s a blow to our team, really to lose both of them and I’m really disappointed for them personally -- particularly for Case. It’s an unfortunate situation, but different things happen and we’ve got to have some guys who will step up and play. I thought Terrance Broadway coming in at the end of the game in those circumstances on the road and with very limited reps I thought he handled it very, very well for his first time out. We’ve got talented young players and our team’s going to have to rally behind our young quarterbacks and continue to move on."

Houston Nutt will make changes: “There’ll be a few things that we do different. We’re going to add to. I thought if you watch the film from start to finish or saw the game, one thing that you’re seeing is that there’s opportunities there. We left probably anywhere between 17 and 24 points, how you look at it, on the football field.”

“If we had five plays over, we’d be very happy today. And that’s just what we have to get to. We’ve got to get that corrected. And I know we can do it.”

Utah State head coach Gary Anderson upset with special teams: "A huge factor in this game was our inability to execute on special teams. We were given an opportunity to play in a big time game and we didn't produce."

Cutcliffe calls Bama loss “worst defeate I’ve ever suffered” : "I can't say I've been here before, because that's the worst defeat I've ever suffered. That's difficult to deal with, but we've had our backs to the wall before. We know exactly what our record is, and what our opportunities are. We're not going to fix it overnight, but we're going to fix it one game at a time."

Jimbo Fisher talks about mental conditioning: "This is adversity, because you have a loss. But there's other adversities, too, that they deal with. Personal problems. To family issues. To school. I mean, there's 1,000 things. And [the mental conditioning program is] all geared to help that.

"All your good programs in America and all your good organizations at the next level, they all do it. In any sport."

"I've been on some teams that at the time when [adversity] happened weren't good teams. It's not about the result. We're so caught up — it's about the process. If they keep doing things right, every day, and they keep staying the course, and doing and believing — good things will happen."

Chip Kelly talks about cream-puff non-conference schedule: "That may be the only team in the country in college football that has an open date when you have an open date. And are they willing to come to your stadium? There are not a lot of people in the country who want to come to our stadium.'' 

"Dennis (Erickson) got caught with it, and we kind of got caught with it with Central Michigan (who backed out of a game.”