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Monday morning Coaches Quick Hits

Quoting Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly: “If you look at the physicality that Stanford played with, that’s the model I’ve built my programs on. We’re moving in that direction. We’re going to talk about where we are. But where we want to be … [Stanford] is a pretty darn good football team. That’s the way you want to look.”

“Right now we’re going through that rough spot. We’re going to have to handle it internally and keep our guys moving in the right direction. I’m pretty confident we’ll be able to do that.” 

“They’re seeing a locker room that’s coming together; [we] don’t have a lot of individuals. They enjoy coming to work every day. They trust the staff and the coaches. And they see that if they continue to do the little things that I ask of them every day, they know they can be successful. It’s outside of catching and tackling and blocking. It’s more about the day to day.”

“I take a lot of the responsibility for not preparing our guys adequately enough for drop-eight, cover-three.” 

Quoting Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh: “Might be the biggest press conference I've ever been to right here. We're happy for the win. We'll move forward with humble hearts. Really proud of our team, really proud of our coaches. Thought they did a great job putting together a game plan for this week and our players going out and executing it. I'm as fired up as anything about the kickoff coverage. That was really impressive by our guys.”

“We really wanted to get penetration, do a good job up front knocking 'em back, chipping the tight end, Rudolph, trying to keep him without the ability to get free access into our defense and our secondary. Thought we did a good job containing him.”

Mack Brown upset after 34-12 loss to UCLA: "I told them to get with a family member or friends and don't go out. Think about what you did right. If you played really well, congratulations to you. If you didn't, you've got to pick it up or we'll go get someone else."

Quoting Gene Chizik: "I saw a team again that is very resilient. They fight and just keep pressing on and find a way to win. But I also see so many glaring things that don't allow us to be a great team right now. That's everywhere. I thought I saw a more physical game on the offensive and defensive lines of scrimmage. I thought that was an improvement from last week. It was like two completely different games, in my opinion.”

“We haven't been very good in terms of responding to sudden change. We haven't been very good at playing on a short field. "We just have to play better right now. The big plays, the explosive plays on offense are what got us Saturday night. It was the whole defense - guys being out of position or eyes aren't in the right spot, the quarterback scrambles where a guy lost contain and bout another 2 1/2 seconds to throw the ball. It was glaring things all over the defense, in my opinion.”

"One of the things that stands out to me is that, on the sideline, you don't see panic. You don't see body language change. Of course, we've preached that every day for a year and a half or whatever that we've been here. I just know we are willing to fight, don't look at the scoreboard and keep playing until the end of the game."

Quoting Houston Nutt: “This was our fourth different offensive line in four games, so we came out with fewer plays and just tried to execute better, which we did. Our blocking was better. Our backs ran hard and Jeremiah (Masoli) did an excellent job of reading the plays.”

“We have to keep getting better. We look good at times and sometimes we don't know where the ball is. We have to get some things corrected there. What I did like, though, was how hard we played. We really ran to the ball well. What's happening with our secondary is that we are having growing pains. If we'll just keep fighting and learning and getting better with our techniques, I think we can become a good defense.

“Lockett being hurt hurts us. Somebody will have to step up, probably a freshman, and it's a new world for them. It's hard to explain until they are out there playing and see how fast things are. They have to think, adjust and then play 100 miles an hour. It's not easy.”

Quoting George O’Leary: “It’s very disappointing from a standpoint of, defensively first I thought we played well — extremely well. I thought we put them in some bad positions. I thought that one play we busted there on the dog and they ran it down to the nine or 10 whatever it was, keeping them out of the end zone I think was really a great job. They made plays the last series, a couple of them you’d like to have back, but I thought they kept us in the game and gave us a chance to win the game.

“Offensively, I thougth we were very inconsistent. Left a lot of plays on the field. When you watch the tape, there’s a lot of open people in the passing game and a lot of just more detail needed in the execution of the offensive run game.”

“The disappointing thing is you had your opportunities. When you go inside that scoring zone and you have it there five times and you come away with 10 points, that’s not good enough.”

Quoting Lane Kiffin: "As we looked at the overall picture of everything, the schedule and the way we practiced (without tackling), our goal was to get these guys through these games and not worry about what the score was and to have an idea about our roster.”

"We don't have as many star players as we did before and so they're playing at those other places," he said. "It's evened out and it's our goal to change it back to what it was before."

"Who would have thought UCLA would be able to go into Texas and not just win, but it sounds like they physically dominated them."

Quoting Memphis coach Larry Porter: "What I see is a team that is still growing, that is still coming together. This team has a lot of resolve about it. They bleed until the very last minute. That's what you've got to have. As coaches we've got to find a way to put them in better position to finish."

Spurrier concerned about Garcia: “He put his head straight down, and I think he closes his eyes, and dives in there. It’s a recipe for disaster. He could seriously hurt himself with that. We’re always told to see what you hit. Keep your head up.”