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Monken explains the Air Raid

As Berry Tramel of the Oklahoman chatted with Todd Monken the other day, Monken explained that the "Air Raid" offense is actually pretty easy to learn.

Monken explained that the Air Raid "gives a guy a chance to kind of learn and maximize his measurable skill as opposed to thinking so much. But you’ve got to get your guys studying, get in the playbook instead of Facebook and Myspace and all the social network."

"The guys that really want to do that will put themselves into a position to play as opposed to those posting pictures and hanging out and chasing girls.”

“The key is, we’re rotating so many guys, the ones and twos are taking equal reps, it’s kind of hard to figure out.”

With the youth that they'll have contributing on offense, combined with the talent they lost to the NFL draft, Monken wants to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

“We just need to put together plays that looks like we know what the hell we’re doing. We’ve got enough talent. Just young. We’re just not very deep. Get all 11 guys doing the right stuff.”