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Monte Kiffin: These guys will knock your socks off

Trojans360 took an inside look at USC assistant Monte Kiffin.

Monte Kiffin explained, “When I went to Tennessee probably the biggest shock I ever experienced was when I went in to our first recruiting meeting and Lane starts at me and says ‘Alright I’m going to turn it over to Coach O.’ These guys will knock your socks off. Our board is like a draft board in the NFL. It’s year round. I’m sitting here ‘when are we going to get to offense – defense. We meet every morning at 8 o’clock on recruiting. It’s about recruiting.”

Asked about the difference between coaching NFL players vs. college players, Kiffin responded, “There isn’t as much difference as people think. If you know what you’re doing, they will buy in. If you’re a good coach (in the NFL), you’re going to extend their career. You’re going to get them a new contract.” 

You can watch the entire interview right here.

Kiffin went on to say, “Pete (Carroll) is an unbelievable coach. I hear statements like Pete might have went back to the NFL because he couldn’t defend the option. Don’t give me that. Are you kidding me? This guy is a defensive guru. Maybe they were off a little last year. Well, how about a freshman quarterback? They were young on difference. He went back to the NFL because it was the right opportunity. This guy is one great football coach.”

“Really it’s called Tampa 2 because we happened to win the Super Bowl and we were playing a lot of cover 2 in Tampa. I get a lot of credit for Tampa 2, but I give a lot of that credit to Coach Dungy. It’s not quite as conducive to college as it is the NFL. You’re not going to see us play a lot of Tampa 2 against Oregon and those people who run the option.”

USC opens at Hawaii on September 2nd. The Thursday night game will air on ESPN.