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Morning twitter humor

This morning we took a look at the musings on twitter. Nearly always, a coach or a hack (and we mean that affectionately) says something to stir the pot.

This morning two items cracked us up.

First, Mississippi State athletic director Scott Stricklin (an avid tweeter) retweeted a picture that a Mississippi State alum had tweeted that showed the guy in the Colosseum (in Rome). Stricklin having fun with it, added "Scouting bowl game destination". writer Andy Staples joined the fun, adding, "The problem is you have to win that bowl. Losers get eaten by lions." Funny. Stricklin then won the morning adding, "No prob. It'll be SEC vs. Big 10." He wins. No question.

Before anyone gets out of shape over this, in the twitter world that's totally OK. Stricklin frequently injects humor into his tweets and the Mississippi State base seems to enjoy his tweets tremendously. He was just having some fun.

Number two on the funny list this morning...

If you didn't already see our note about Muschamp being slightly agitated extremely angry with the NCAA, read that first. So, this morning a local reporter (Jason Lieser with the Palm Beach Post) sends Charile Weis a text to see if Coach Muschamp is still hot. Lieser tweets:

Just texted Weis to see if Muschamp is still smoldering today. All he sent back was "OMG...code red :-/"

Embrace twitter. You'll be happy you did. You can follow us on Twitter @FootballScoop