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Mullen and Nutt preparing for renewed rivalry, Harbaugh not impressed with...

Dan Mullen says rivalry with “The School Up North” hinders his relationship with Houston Nutt: “You look at his record and the career that he’s had and the amount of games he’s won in the Southeastern Conference — both at The School Up North and at Arkansas. I have a lot of respect for him and I think he’s an excellent football coach. I just think the nature of the schools that we’re at maybe hinders our personal relationship a little bit.”

“For us to continue to build, for our young players to develop, it’s not that they have to make 25 plays in a game, they have to make the one big play at the key moment in the game. That, for us, is what we need to take that next step to be right at the top in the SEC instead of the middle.”

Houston Nutt understands importance of Egg Bowl: "I have always had an awesome respect for playing Mississippi State, even when I was at Arkansas. I know how tough a game that is, even though we always had a really good record against them. The first year we were at Ole Miss, we played them here and did well.”

"The second year, we were going to a good bowl and were playing them in Starkville. That's when I got a real understanding of the rivalry - I know I did. That was my first time in Starkville with an Ole Miss shirt on and it opened my eyes."

"It's huge. It's the biggest game of the year. Robert Khayat tried to explain it to me when I first got here. After beating them the first year pretty easily, I really didn't understand it because that was the way we had won when I was at Arkansas.”

"Now, after last year, when Mississippi State had nowhere to go at the end of the year, but they came out against us and played as hard as anyone we played all year, it really woke me up. It's a huge game and I have a real appreciation for that now. Arkansas really didn't have an in-state rivalry game so MSU is my first taste of that. Believe me, I understand it now."

Jim Harbaugh not impressed with Cal’s trash talking: "The Cal guys did a lot of trash-talking before the game. Our guys really kept their cool, and I think that was a big difference today. I don't like that kind of football where you talk and intimidate. It's not real. ... Shut up and play football." 

Pat Fitzgerald disappointed with Northwestern’s tackling in loss to Illinois: "I thought we tackled very poorly. That epidemic popped up a couple of weeks ago (at Penn State) and for some reason, and it did again today. We tried to put more guys than they had at the point of attack and obviously we did a terrible job collectively as a coaching staff."

Quoting Memphis head coach Larry Porter following 31-15 loss at UAB: ''Obviously I'm disappointed with the results. It's also obvious that we were our own worst enemy. I thought throughout the course of this game, if we could play a clean brand of football, eventually we could put ourselves in position to get a victory.''