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Mullen: Find a way to get to Atlanta, they can mohawk me

Appearing on ESPN’s First Take on Wednesday morning, Dana Jacobson asked Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen what it would take to get Mullen to go with a Tim Tebow ‘training camp hazing’ type of haircut. 

Mullen jokingly sent a message to his players…”Find a way to get to Atlanta. They can mohawk me. They can do whatever they want (if we play for the SEC championship).

Mullen isn’t shying away from thinking big, adding, “You might think we’re crazy playing the last three national champions on the road, but that’s our goal.”

Mississippi State plays at LSU (September 18th), at Florida (October 16th), and at Alabama (November 13th). 

Mullen is in Bristol, CT today participating in the ESPN “car wash.”