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Mullen talks about the hiring of Tim Brewster

Two words could sum up the past 96 hours for Dan Mullen, "a blur."

Between practice, meetings, film sessions, player evaluations, and game preparation, Mullen also hired Tim Brewster to coach the receivers.

"We're extremely, extremely fortunate to be in the situation that we're in and have a coach the quality of Tim Brewster. You know, wanting to come be a part of it, wanting to step in and be a part and wanting to step in and help in this very difficult situation that we're in."

Mullen said that while previous head coaching experience isn't something that they were necessarily looking for in the process, it's always an asset to the program. 

"Anytime you can get someone that has been a head coach, that understands what it's like to sit in the chair that you're in at times as situations come up is always a great asset to your staff."

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