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Mumme: "If your somewhere you're not supposed to win..."

From Iowa Kentucky...and now at McMurry University Hal Mumme has made a living chucking the ball all over the place. But in a recent interview with Spencer Hall he shared his philosophy on if he were to venture over to the opposite end of the spectrum.

Mumme says that if he were going to run the ball, he'd go with Paul Johnson's philosophy because he's an "all-or-nothing" kind of guy.

"I love watching all those teams that do that: Georgia Tech, Army, Navy, all of them. I might not be the best guy to ask that, since I have this mentality that if you're at a place that isn't supposed to win, you have to live on the edge or you'll have no chance of winning. If you do something in the extreme, and you do it really, really well, and you rep it all the time and that's what you do well, when teams play you they're going to have to play in the extreme. And you're good at it because you do it all the time, and they only practice it for that one game."

"You may not have the physical advantage, but you have the mental advantage going into a game. You never think you're out of it. That's always been my philosophy. Because you're so good at the extreme, one or two times a year you can go to the opposite because people overplay it so much. One or two times a year, we have a really good game rushing the football. One or two times a year, Georgia Tech will have a really big day throwing the football. It doesn't happen a lot, it happens when people give it to you. That's the way I like playing."

Since being diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2008, Mumme's coaching schedule has been a little different. Last season, starting with two a days and stretching through the regular season, Mumme went directly from practice to the hospital for radiation treatment a total of 38 times. The original article does a good job explaining the changes that Mumme has had to make in order successfully juggle his treatments and his responsibilities as head coach and offensive coordinator.